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“Maury River Walk,” Miller’s Pond, Vol. 4, Issue 2 – Web Poetry

“Tricks or Treats at Shorty’s Saloon,” “The Mummy Speaks” on Salmagundi Express

“April 16th” on Salmagundi Express

“A Chocolate Pie” on Salmagundi Express


The Scams Are Out There!“, The Craft & Business of Writing (Writer’s Digest Books, 2008)

“The 21st Century Poet,” Writer’s Digest

“Diane Glancy: Words as Sacred Forces,” 2009 Poet’s Market (Writer’s Digest Books)

“Daniel Thomas Moran: Talking Poems, Whitman, and Root Canals,” 2009 Poet’s Market (Writer’s Digest Books)

“Publishing Poetry: A Reality Check,” 2009 Poet’s Market (Writer’s Digest Books)

“How to Find Public Domain Poems,”

From a Judge’s Perspective,” 2012 Poet’s Market (Writer’s Digest Books)


“The Marketplace for Poetry” by Ruth Walker, The Christian Science Monitor, 21 March 2002

“Turning Feelings Into Rhyme” by Reon Carter, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 30 January 2000

“Salon-O-Rama: Poet’s Market editor Nancy Breen, Monday Sept. 11,” Creative Writing Forum,, September 2006



“How to Identify Crystal Doorknobs”

“How to Make a Ladder Book Shelf”

“How to Antique Brick”

“Paper Embroidery Patterns & Techniques”

“The Meaning of the Amish Star”

“How to Fringe Ends of Woven Material”


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  1. Dear Nancy,

    I hope you are well and that your writing continues to thrive.

    You graciously interviewed me in POETS’ MARKET 2008. A new collection will be coming out soon, and I was wondering if you would consider permitting me to quote you from that interview on the back cover.
    My new publisher is Puddin’head Press.

    Thanks for all you do for the poetry community.

    Christine Swanberg
    chris.swanberg@comcast. net

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