General E-Cards from 1-2-3 Greetings

Nudged to Write is now an affiliate of 1-2-3 Greetings. If you need an e-card, hop over to the Nudged2Write card page to see the general offerings. Most are predesigned and prewritten, but there’s usually additional space where you can add a personal piece of writing, whether a poem especially crafted for the occasion, a short memory piece, a tribute to the recipient, or any brief sample of writing you’d like to share.

I found cards under the At Work category that are especially adaptable to writers’ needs. These include cards in the following areas:

Announcements: Let friends know you’re giving a reading, announce your latest publishing success, crow about a milestone you’ve passed in a writing project.

Appreciation & Encouragement: Tell an author how much you enjoy his or her work, share appreciation for getting to read a work-in-progress, give props for the help someone else gave you with your own writing. Send an uplifting message to a discouraged fellow writer, express support after another rejection, give a boost of confidence when a project isn’t going well.

Congratulations: Celebrate a writer’s latest acceptance or publication, congratulate a writer for completing a project, send a “well done” message regarding a writer’s recent reading or critique group presentation.

E-notes: These cards basically are blank but provide an animation or piece of art to which you can add a message. Great for any number of purposes, from sending a writing group reminder to sharing a prompt with a writing friend. Naturally, you can simply share a sample of your writing.

Appointments: Set up a writing date with a friend, schedule a meet-up for a group of writers, confirm the date of your next critique meetings, and more.

There are many more subcategories under At Work; and, of course, you have a wide array of selections on the 1-2-3 Greetings site to choose from for general sending purposes. You don’t have to be in writer mode to send a card through these links, so bookmark this page for all your e-card sending needs.

(NOTE: I make no money from this affiliate program; it’s simply a free service to my fellow writers from Nudged to Write.)


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