Get Free E-Cards for Writers at Nudged to Write

Nudged to Write has become an affiliate of 1-2-3 Greetings. This gives me the opportunity to offer a page devoted to free e-cards to readers of this site. My plan is to write and design e-cards specific to writers’ needs and submit them through the Studio at 1-2-3 Greetings. It will be awhile before I know if this aspect of the operation is going to fly; until those writer-specific cards become available, please see other selections at the Nudged to Write Free Online Greeting Cards site.

I also offer some suggestions, with links, to card categories writers can adapt easily. See the Free E-Cards for Writers page on this site for my suggestions. Explore and think creatively; you may be able to combine e-cards with your writing activities in ways you never considered before.

(This isn’t a money-making affiliate program; it’s simply offered as a free service to readers of Nudged to Write.)


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