Thinking About Weather

I’ve been trying to come up with a blog post all day that’s writing-related, but I can’t get my mind off storms, specifically tornadoes. Last night I watched The Weather Channel coverage of the horrible tornado outbreak across the South; in fact, I was watching the live view of the massive storm that tore up parts of Birmingham, Alabama, as it was happening. It was horrifying. I kept thinking, “Right this second, someone’s house is being blown away. As I’m watching this, people are being killed.” It was impossible the worst wasn’t happening. The tornado was too big and ugly. When even the weather experts get emotional, it’s an ugly situation.

The damage is as severe as expected. As I write this, the death toll stands at 292. The Weather Channel has a “How to Help” page that links to several relief funds that will accept any donations you wish to make.

Since I can’t find words today, here are some appropriate poems from The Poetry Foundation website:

“Acts of God” by Heather McHugh

“The Coffins” by Michael Chitwood

“Trauma (Storm)” by Gregory Orr

“Low Barometer” by Robert Bridges

“Storm Ending” by Jean Toomer

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