Holidays in Review – Part 1

Except for Kwanzaa and New Year’s, the holiday season is pretty much winding up, or down, depending on how you look at it. Maybe you’re one of those dedicated writers who stay disciplined throughout the holidays, roughing out poems, taking notes, journaling about each festivity, or keeping the world up to date on your season through your blog.

Or maybe you’re like me. I don’t keep up at all anymore. Even when I was journaling seriously, it seemed I’d have to play catch up on recording the season on Christmas Eve day. If I managed to scratch a few lines of poetry sometime during the holiday season (that is, stretching back to before Thanksgiving), I felt positively virtuous. For awhile I kept reasonably current with a post on my regular blog every so often, but even that has fallen by the wayside.

Between keeping up with freelance work, making Christmas gifts and cards, shopping, and generally dashing hither and yon to activities and attractions, I find myself digging in my heels when it comes to sitting still and writing during the holiday season. This was such a year, and here I am on December 29, the weeks stretching back into a swirl of snow and whirling lights as I worry if I’ll remember much of anything about it come spring.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit. I actually remember things pretty well, but it does worry me when I don’t get anything about an entire season down in writing. So, I’m going to nudge myself with a little exercise to record some bare bones details about holiday season 2010.

First, I’m writing five impressions of this season in simple statements, without pondering or self-editing:

My Aunt Shirley died on Pearl Harbor Day.

– I feel that I hardly saw my youngest niece and nephew this season.

– It was snowy and very cold almost the entire month.

– Downtown Cincinnati on a gray Sunday before Christmas didn’t inspire much spirit.

– The Christmas season whisks by even when you’re not working regular hours at a full-time job.

Okay, those are five pretty bummer statements. It wasn’t a bad season, really! So, now I’m going to make myself write five statements accentuating the positive:

My mother and I had two great outings: one to an antique mall in Springfield, Ohio, with lunch at Young’s Dairy; one to Lebanon, Ohio, just to shop hop.

– We had a very interesting, enjoyable time at my niece’s first grade Fine Arts Night at her school.

– I had some quality moments with my young great-nephew, whom I hardly knew before this year, examining every one of my mom’s Christmas houses and figurines in the living room.

– When we did get together, I got to put up Mom’s tree with my niece and nephew and watch part of the Wizard of Oz together; and later in the season, we had a great time making Christmas cookies.

– I fell in love with the way my decorations looked in this first year in my bedroom at Mom’s house.

I might add that Christmas itself was absolutely lovely.

I now have 10 statements that encapsulate the holiday season 2010. What do I do next with them? Stop back tomorrow to find out.

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  1. These are some good tips. Get something down as a reminder.

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