Animated Poetry

I’ve only recently discovered the wonders of animated poetry, but I’ve been very impressed with much of what I’ve viewed. Some of my favorites appear below. I don’t know how the poets themselves feel about the interpretations, but I marvel at how the animators have created stunning visuals that do justice to the poems’ words and images.

I have to wonder if the general public would be more open to real poetry if they had better access to animations such as these.

If you’ve never seen an animated poem, enjoy these composed and read by Kwame Dawes, Billy Collins, and Lucille Clifton. For more, see this playlist on YouTube.

“Tornado Child” by Kwame Dawes

“Forgetfulness” by Billy Collins

“Mulberry Fields” by Lucille Clifton

If you’d like to try animating your own poetry using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, see this guest post by Sheila Moore on the Poetic Asides blog.

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