Writing More Poetry in April

One way some poets celebrate National Poetry Month is to try to write more poetry during April. For productive poets, this may not be much of a stretch. Others try to write a poem a day, which is quite a challenge.

Although I’m offering poetry nudges throughout April (and writing nudges year round) on this blog, you might want to check out some other sources for prompts. Robert Brewer at the Poetic Asides blog has a Poem-a-Day (or PAD) challenge. You’re a couple of days late in starting, but you can catch up if you try. Or simply check in for the daily prompt and see where it takes you.

Poets & Writers offers an online feature called “The Time Is Now” with poetry prompts posted every Monday (fiction prompts are posted on Thursdays). You can also subscribe to “The Time Is Now” newsletter so you can receive prompts by e-mail on a weekly basis.

Big Tent Poetry is another site that offers weekly prompts, with special April poetry prompts.

That’s just a taste of what’s out there on the Internet. Put “poetry prompts” in a search engine and see everything that comes up. There’s no lack of inspiration for your poetry if you look around.

In addition, there are some great books that offer prompts and exercises for inspiring your poetry and helping you write better. See below for my favorites.

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