Getting Back to Blogging

Addie’s not happy about the state of the world, either. (And she’s lying on my hooked scottie rug, which she loves to roll around on.)

I knew I hadn’t blogged in a long time, but I was stunned when I checked back and saw that the last post was in September, 2016. Ye gods.

I was aware I wasn’t active, but even while cognizant of it, I couldn’t exactly figure out why I just couldn’t get into posting again. I know last autumn it was a series of things–the election especially, a brief trip to St. Louis to see my brother’s family, and a long play-off season rooting for the Chicago Cubs in sympathy with Diamondqueen’s long devotion to them. A week after the Cubs won the World Series was the presidential election, and that’s when the bottom seem to fall out of everything for me.

Even after I’d recovered and faced the reality of our new world, I didn’t feel motivated to blog. Everything has been so critically bad and never getting any better. Part of it, I believe, is that I just couldn’t face chirping on about my little life when so much in the larger world is falling apart.

Then, with the North Korea crisis and nuclear threats, I thought, “What if this is the last of life as we know it?” It didn’t make my life seem any less insignificant, but it did give me more respect for what goes on in daily life and what a shame to only look back on what’s been blown away.

So I’m taking blogging up again, even if what I’m writing about seems puny. I rant and rave about politics so much, keeping up with the latest on Facebook and Twitter and sometimes thinking way too much about it, that I’m not going to obsess about it here. Not that I’ll never comment on it, but the main reason I want to blog again is to uncover the pony under the pile of crap in the barn.

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