Orlando Vacation, Day 6: Home, We’re Coming Home Again

The Bayline Diner, site of all our vacation breakfasts.

The Bayline Diner, site of all our vacation breakfasts.

We had our last breakfast in the Bayline Diner, notable only because I managed to dump my entire tray while attempting to take a carton of milk out of the refrigerated case. See, it was really hectic, there were all these teenage girls of undetermined nationality in matching t-shirts who were swarming all over the place. I had to wait forever to get a few strawberries for my pancakes because the kid in front of me seemed intent on having a little of everything from the yogurt bar; every time he paused to consider blueberries or chocolate chips, those blasted girls would jump in front of him in line. I don’t think the way I was clenching my jaw had anything to do with dumping my tray. The tray simply went out of balance as I was extracting the milk, smashing to the floor and shooting scrambled eggs and strawberries hither and yon. One nice mother started to help me clean it up, but one of the diner workers barreled in to clear the mess.

I just walked away and got another plate of scrambled eggs and pancakes (but no strawberries). By the time I saw down to eat, Diamondqueen was wondering seriously what had become of me. Neither she nor the Hooligans even teased me about the tray accident.

We cleared out our room, shoehorned our luggage and ourselves into the little yellow KIA, and bid farewell to the Cabana Bay Resort. One last ride on Turkey Lake Road, then onto the interstate. We made it easily to the airport and even to the garage where we had to return the car, although there were a few hairy moments when we entered through an exit, but Diamondqueen successfully navigated all the weird twists and turns.

In the airport itself, things went fine until we got to security, where a testy agent informed us we were pre-approved or something and had to change to another lane. J.Hooligan forgot to take his phone out of his pocket, so he set off the walk-through scanner. He got patted down and swept with a hand scanner, with the guard paying intense attention to his tennis shoes, which none of us understood.

Our gate was crowded because there was a delayed flight to Atlanta due to storms and I guess we got the spillover. I found a lone seat and tried to doze off, but it was a poor environment. Diamondqueen came over to ask if I wanted a Starbucks frappacino, which sounded good at that point. By the time I’d finished my drink, the delayed flight had boarded and the crowd thinned out in our area. I sat with Diamondqueen and the Hooligans. J.Hooligan had caught on to the whole business with the electronic board that showed flight times, so he continually got up to check, then reported back that our flight was still on time.

He was much calmer on the flight home to Cincinnati. Before we knew it, we were landing at CVG. I guess homecoming adrenaline had kicked in, because hiking to the luggage carousel, chasing down our bags, and finding the shuttle for our parking lot wasn’t that much of a strain. We managed to beat the rush hour traffic, which was a worry on a Friday afternoon, and made good time to Loveland. Diamondqueen helped me unload my suitcase, and there were Mom and Addie waiting to welcome me home.

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