NUDGE: Nye’s “One Boy Told Me”

Naomi Shihab Nye reads “One Boy Told Me”

Listen to Nye’s reading of this poem, including the introduction, from the Dodge Poetry Festival. Don’t treat it as an assignment; enjoy it!

Prompt: Write your own piece incorporating unusual, insightful things a child in your life has said. If there’s not a kid filling your days with such wonderful quotes right now, remember when a child or family member was little, or recall a friend from your own childhood who was good for a unique quote.

If you’re writing poetry, make the entire poem consist of these quotes as Nye did, working with the order of the quotes to make an effective piece. For a prose piece, use a distinctive child’s quote as a title or epigraph; open each section of the piece with a different quote; or pretend you are responding to what the child is saying.

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