Summertime Blues

Was that only this June that we were? Seems a very long time ago already.

Was it only this June that we were in Florida? Seems a very long time ago already.

It wasn’t writer’s block or lack of desire to write that made me put off recounting my adventure with Diamondqueen and the Hooligans on vacation in June. I was feeling rather depressed and thought it might creep into my writing. Not that we didn’t have a good time–we did–but a melancholy took over that seemed to last and last.

There was already a lot to be sad about. We lost my Uncle Don at the end of May; there was the mass shooting in Orlando itself right before we went on vacation. When we got back, there seemed to be endless tragic news: more terrorist attacks in Turkey and France, tragic police shootings of black men  and the horrible attacks on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

What had me blue, though, was something simpler and closer to home. I got a bad attack of “Oh, my God–the Hooligans have grown up!” It overtook me during the Orlando trip, a realization that things had changed forever. And that, maybe, it would be the last trip we’d take together as a group. There’s a different vacation plan in the works for S.Hooligan and me for 2017. J.Hooligan will be 18 and off to college at the end of that summer. Adulthood is breaking up that old gang of mine.

The sadness lingered on into July and had a resurgence when J.Hooligan spent a week at Wright State at a summer workshop. It was a test to see how he’d like living in a dorm and what he thinks of the school itself–Wright State is where J. would like to go next year. (He did great, by the way.) I wasn’t the only one suffering. Diamondqueen was miserable that week. J.Hooligan has always been around, and suddenly he wasn’t there. Life is changing drastically, whether any of us wants it to or not.

Even with terrible things still happening in the world, time and distractions have helped. All through July and into August I got caught up in the two political conventions and the Olympics. I even survived school starting without my usual end-of-summer bumming. I think now, starting tomorrow, I can describe our Florida adventure without any wrenching relapses. It was an interesting trip.

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