November 4 – Angel and Devil

Syd Halloween

S. Hooligan chose her own Halloween costume this year – and she couldn’t have picked anything more appropriate. I used to see the angel side of her a lot more than I do now. It’s pretty much All Devil, All the Time. She’s more than a little scary, especially when she gets riled up. Naturally, when Diamondqueen went to the parent-teacher conference at S.Hooligan’s kindergarten, the teacher was all praise for the sweet little girl.

“She said she wished she had a whole class of S.Hooligans!” Diamondqueen told us.

Mom replied, “If only she knew!”

Of course, Mom had had her own scary experience with the devil part of S. that very morning. S. was supposed to go to her grandma’s house while Diamondqueen went to the parent-teacher conference. Only S. didn’t want to leave the house. Diamondqueen had to carry her out to Mom’s car, but S. kept unlocking the back door and barreling out again. Finally Diamondqueen flipped the little child switch that basically made S. a captive in the back seat. Mom said that all the way to her house, S. kept wailing, “Turn back! Turn back! I don’t want to go to your house.”

As for other devilment, we won’t even get into her prank of offering her mother a gift – and then farting when her mother reaches out her hand. And S. making herself a pair of falsies out of paper this past weekend is a whole other story.

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