2015 PAD – Day 25

A 2008 view of the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach.

A 2008 view of the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach.

The day 25 prompt at Poetic Asides was “write an across the sea poem.” I couldn’t work my birthday or turning 61 into that one, so I fell back on a favorite inspiration, childhood memories:


We swam back and forth across the sea
without leaving the neighborhood pool.
Continent to continent was a matter of yards,
so we made many crossings. En route,
we encountered sea monsters, mermaids,
terrible storms and tidal waves
(you can really disrupt the water
when you throw yourself backwards
and kick hard). There were pinching barracudas
if someone agreed to play along,
and diving for stones or bits of broken concrete.
Sometimes we got out and sunbathed
on the Riviera or the Pacific coast,
but it was more fun to plunge in
for another crossing, brave in the face
of unknown dangers, exuberant
when we emerged at land’s end.

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