2015 PAD – Day 24

A busy couple of days and feeling wiped out at night is putting me behind again. However, I at least finished the latest prompt.

The day 24 prompt at Poetic Asides was “write a moment poem.” Fortunately, I shot through all the possibilities straight to a moment I’ve experienced in the past:


She could see it in his eyes
for a fraction of a second;
then it vanished, and he moved on
to something unrelated.

She was certain, though,
what he’d thought about saying;
a sudden spark and glow extinguished
by a rapid turning away.
The rest of that evening
on through a sleepless night,
she replayed it: those eyes, a flare,
less than a moment of wavering,

then nothing. It was painful, but she
had to imagine the carry-through,
him putting into words
what his eyes seemed to reveal.
But it hadn’t happened, and her torture
was not knowing if he’d loved her briefly
but never would again.

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