2015 PAD – Day 18

Finally have my first decent Internet connection since Wednesday night, so I have two PAD poems to catch up on (Days 16 and 17). Also, I’ll eventually blog about my visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum when I get home (and can get the photos from Diamondqueen). It was exquisite.

In the meantime, I was able to attempt the day 18 prompt from Poetic Asides. (Sorry, for some aggravating reason the link won’t work. Okay, was able to fix it when I got home.) Something rather different: choose two vowels, then write a poem using words that have ONLY those vowels (plus “y,” given as a wild card of sorts). Not a literary gem here, but it’s a good exercise in discipline:


Stress-free day, the lake
all breezy. Wee waves
break, scatter leaves,
wash gravel sand.
Walk and talk. Seek
refreshment: tea and cake
at a teak table. After,
seated, warm bench, bare feet,
healed senses. A pleasant darkness
seeps earthward, seals the day.

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