2015 PAD – Day 14

The day 14 prompt at Poetic Asides was “write an honest poem/write a dishonest poem.” (On Tuesdays, there are two prompts.) Instead of choosing honest or dishonest, I tried to combine them:


I told her she looked good in her new wig,
but she assumed I was lying. The truth was
she did look good, but it wasn’t her hair,
so looks didn’t really matter. I’m not sure

what she wanted me to say. I doubt
she expected me to lie and say the wig
looked lousy. And I don’t think
she would have believed that, either.
I was usually pretty honest with her,
but I wouldn’t have hurt her feelings

on purpose. What I really wanted to say
was, “You’re alive, and that makes you
beautiful to me, real hair or fake.”
Sometimes even kind honesty
doesn’t do someone any favors.
So I just told her to get her sweater,
it was time for our Sunday ride.

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