2015 PAD – Day 12

I spent a perfectly exquisite April day prepping for my colonoscopy tomorrow (Monday). If you’ve been there/done that, I don’t have to describe it to you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not going into the gruesome details.

Anyhow, the day twelve prompt at Poetic Asides was “write a damage poem.” The “prep” certainly damaged my Sunday, but I wrote about something else instead:


Gladys called on Sunday evening
to thank me for the  part I’d played
in rescuing her after the long happy hour
on Friday night, our first group gathering
since Gladys was fired from the department.
Several of us had coordinated our vehicles
to get Gladys and her car back to her place
across town. Nikki and I had guided her inside
and into bed after she fell in the bathroom
and bloodied her nose. We were shutting
the bedroom door when Nikki remembered
to take out Gladys’ contact lenses.
I asked Gladys if she remembered
pitching into the stone fireplace
as we were leaving the lounge. She didn’t,
but she said that explained the bruises on her shins.
She’d seen the blood on the bathroom floor,
but Nikki had already explained that.
“I’m so glad she thought to take out my contacts,”
Gladys said. “That could have been really bad.”
I thought about the fireplace tumble
and the bathroom blood
and her trying to drive home drunk
before a bunch of us intervened.
“It could have been worse,” Gladys concluded.
“No real damage done.”


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