Christmas Sprites

As if this season hasn’t been challenging enough with the flu sprites hovering, the Annalee imps have been at it again.

IMG_3467This is the latest edition to my involuntary collection. I found it strung on the seatbelt in Diamondqueen’s van last Saturday when I ventured out for a tottering recovering-from-the-scourge lunch. I should have known a new one would make an appearance at some point. I thought maybe I’d get nailed while opening Christmas gifts tonight. (Diamondqueen was a little disappointed because I didn’t find this one nearly as obnoxious as others she’s given me.)



And who needs Elf on a Shelf haunting the house when Annalee elves turned up in the damnedest places? This one usually sits on the lamp near my desk, but Sunday it suddenly appeared sitting on the necklace form I use when snapping pictures for Etsy.

On this Christmas Eve, hope all the ghosts, elves, sprites, whatever, are only the good kind that bring out the very best in your spirits.

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