Let It Snow, Snow, Snow

snow-pstcdNo, I’m not wishing for snow. We did have one nice covering before Thanksgiving, but I no longer have that childhood anticipation of a white Christmas. Especially not since the major snowstorm we had several years when we were afraid Christmas would have to be cancelled, Rudolph or no Rudolph.

The repetition in the title above refers to the relentless playing of the song “Let It Snow.” I’ve always really liked this song a lot; and I understand that, as a standard, it’s something singers want to include on their Christmas collections. But does that mean the radio has to play a different version at least once every hour? I don’t have satellite radio, so I’m depending on your basic commercial-heavy FM station. I don’t even listen to the radio much except during the holidays, when I kind of like the live aspect of a DJ, callers phoning in, etc. The heavy rotation of certain standards (“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” qualify for this rant as well) drives me to pop in a CD just for some variety.

Getting back to the snow: There’s been plenty of snow around most of the country already, so we’re way past the “first snow” aspect of this writing nudge. For the sake of the prompt, though, just pretend you haven’t seen a single flake yet this year:

The first snow of the season has arrived. You put your order in months ago; now that it‘s here, you’re not pleased with the delivery. Complain to the snow supplier. Describe the ways your order was incorrectly fulfilled. What do you expect the supplier to do about it?

J.Hooligan has been talking about casting a weather spell out of his new volume of spells he received for St. Nicholas. He claims to have cast a spell last December, and it succeeded better than even he imagined. Just as long as the next blizzard doesn’t hit in time to totally screw up Christmas for everyone.

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