Cooking Up a Literary Treat

How many plums go into a plum pudding? How many dog biscuits?

How many plums go into a plum pudding? How many dog biscuits?

Things got away from me today, so for my blog post I’m throwing in a bonus writing prompt for this week.

I don’t know about your household, but there’s been plenty of baking going on around here. Mom makes cookies for St. Nicholas (this Saturday) and she mixes and freezes cookie dough for use later this season. (Yes, I offered to help. I’ve actually mixed and baked cookies, but Mom likes her kitchen to herself.) You may not be doing any holiday cooking or baking yet yourself, but I bet you’re thinking about it, possibly gathering supplies and recipes.

I thought it would be fitting to offer a writing nudge that draws on the holiday activities in the kitchen:

Write how to cook or bake your favorite holiday treat. However, every step must begin with “don’t.” You have various options for approaching this. For instance, begin with ingredients the reader should not use; be either literal or very creative. (“Don’t use honey instead of sugar; the bees will weep. Don’t use the best bleached white flour unless you want your sugar cookies to look like angel’s halos.”) You also have the option of making up a fictional recipe with outrageous ingredients and outlandish methods of preparation.

Don’t limit yourself to baked goods or candy. Write about deep-frying a turkey, creating a Christmas morning breakfast casserole, or catching and cooking the “roast beast” from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Stop back tomorrow for Friday’s scheduled prompt.

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