Nudged by the Holidays

antq-snowmanI admit I’ve been a lousy blogger the last six months or so. It’s time to get tough and nudge myself to write. So, every day this month, I’m going to post something about the holidays: a memory, thoughts on a song, or a writing prompt. (Understand that every time I resolve to do more blogging, something comes up to derail my plans. The kiss of death.)

Every season goes by with me regretting something I didn’t write about. So, hopefully, at the end of this holiday season, I’ll have more blogging to share and fewer regrets. That in itself can’t be a bad thing.

I’ve decided to designate Mondays and Fridays as “holiday nudge” days. Here’s one to get the season started:

Frosty came to life when he put on a magical top hat. What hat would you put on to make magic happen? Is it a real hat or imaginary hat? A hat you own or a hat a friend or loved one used to wear? If you could make a magical hat, what materials would you use?

Even if you’re not a writer, give these exercises a try. Experienced writers know you can start off writing about one thing and end up with pages about something else entirely. So don’t worry if you don’t feel that inspired by a nudge. Just start writing–with total contempt, if you wish. But follow where it leads. You might be surprised. And who says you have to do anything with these pieces when you’ve written them? If nothing else, keep them to read years later. They’ll be more precious to you then, trust me.

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