Marse Robert Syndrome

Marse RobertI decided over the winter that I was going to stop coloring my hair and go natural. It appeared I finally had enough gray to put some silver highlights in my ‘do instead of it just looking washed out. I feel a 60-year-old woman looks weird with really dark hair, and even light brown dyes made my tresses entirely too darkish.

This decision was not popular with Diamondqueen. As my hair got grayer and grayer, she said shortly before our Gettysburg trip, “Aren’t you going to color your hair??? With all that gray, people are going to mistake you for Robert E. Lee. We’ll have to start calling you ‘Marse Robert.'”

And that’s what she did, at least every so often. “Come on, Marse Robert,” she’d say with a sneer as I was climbing into the van or trying to make my way up Big Round Top.

I really don’t mind having hair the same color as General Lee’s. After all, I’m older than he was when he was in Gettysburg. Now, if I grow a mustache and beard to match, THEN I’ll be upset!

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