Gettysburg, Day 2: Unexplainable Phenomenon

This post will be quick because I’m about written out and it’s getting late. But Diamondqueen and I had a very interesting experience at dusk on the battlefield this evening.

After looking around Devil’s Den, I wanted us to take a walk in a place called the “triangular field,” an area notorious for paranormal activity, including cameras and various electronics jamming or going on the fritz although they’re in perfect working order before and after.

I’d started down the slope into the wide field, empty all around me except for Diamondqueen, who was trailing me along the path. She approached me with a look of consternation. “I don’t understand what’s making my phone do this,” she said, half-bewildered, half a tad fearful.

Diamondqueen has a cheap app on her smartphone for hunting ghosts. We’ve used it in different locations and situations over the years. It spits out various words in a way we’ve never trusted, wondering if the device is actually picking up electronic transmissions from radio or the like.

However, what Diamondqueen was experiencing was something new. As I listened, sudden explosions sounded on her phone. Some strange sounds can come out of that phone, usually related to some function or other. However, she’d never set this sound for anything, and she’d never heard it before.

We watched the screen and listened as what sounded like cannon fire or bomb blasts rocked from the phone. They varied in intensity and general sound, and they appeared irregularly. It was awesome but unexplainable. Had we tapped into some electronic imprint on the ethers of battle sounds from 1863? I took a video of the phone, with sound, so we’d have some kind of record. When I get home I’ll post the video. You can decide for yourself, or even offer some kind of explanation. I was thrilled because I’d just as soon believe it was “ghostly.” Diamondqueen’s not so sure. We plan on playing with the app some more over the next two days.


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