Less Than Two Weeks

Mom was released from the hospital on December 4, which meant she was home for St. Nicholas Day. We exchanged our gifts at lunchtime, and in the evening we went to Diamondqueen’s for a small celebration. Mom was still unsteady and not feeling up to speed, but we got some holiday festivities in.

She’s continued to improve each day, although the antibiotics they prescribed for a UTI didn’t sit well. However, I went with her to the doctor on Tuesday, and we went to lunch afterward. (Still waiting for results from the follow-up tests.) The past two days she’s baked cookies. Fingers crossed, tomorrow we’re hoping to go with Diamondqueen to have lunch and then check out the new Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate.

I wish she was feeling better generally—nothing serious, just not up to her old standard—especially since there doesn’t seem to be a reason for her not bouncing back quite yet. But I admire the way she’s nudging herself to do things, just as long as she doesn’t try to do TOO much and suffer a relapse.

I’ve been almost superstitious about even writing about Mom since she’s been home; but it’s time to let go now and try to blog again. Jeez, less than two weeks until Christmas. How can that be possible?

Meanwhile, here’s a personal favorite that gets me in a holiday mood for two reasons: 1) The year this song appeared on the Monkees (1967, I was thirteen), the Christmas season was especially good, at least for me. Nothing specific, I just had a triple shot of good spirits that year, right on through Christmas Day evening, when this episode appeared and charmed me. 2) I simply really love the song and the job the Monkees did on it. It wasn’t released at the time, so I only heard it when there were repeats of that Christmas episode. Eventually it appeared on some of the later compilations. Bless YouTube, now I can see it as well as hear it. (And, honestly, this may be my favorite song the Monkees ever did.)


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