My Sister Did It! - I imagine writing 50,000 words in one month really knocks the crap out of you.
She whined, griped, cursed her lack of common sense and judgment, and swore (once more) that she’d never do it again: My sister, Diamondqueen, completed 50,000 words for the 2012 NaNoWriMo. Not only do I congratulate her, I chastise myself for a complete lack of writing in the same amount of time.

Prompts and nudges can do only so much when you so willingly do not want to write. I’m not sure how the malaise began. Some of it was a matter of distractions. I took an online 4-week course in copywriting in October, which then led me to start developing a new website for the launch of a copywriting service, Accomplished With Words. The site includes my online portfolio, so I’ve spent a lot of time copying various examples of my writing, creating PDFs of it, and developing pages and links on the new site. I’m almost done, and this week my new business cards arrived, so I’m gearing up to solicit work.

In addition to all that distraction, I also stayed busy with my Etsy shop, NudgeryFaire, posting lots of items in anticipation of the holidays.

I admit I found the presidential election distracting as well, although my writing energies didn’t bounce right back on November 7. Something that directly did affect my desire to blog at the end of October was the impact of Superstorm Sandy. I tried to write some fall posts or say something about Halloween, but I found I couldn’t. My thoughts and concerns seemed so small and self-absorbed compared to the tragedy and loss occurring on the East Coast.

Of course, we can’t silence ourselves indefinitely when disaster strikes; for good or bad, we still have our own lives and feel compelled to write about them. So my intention now is to shake off my literary listlessness and blog regularly again.

Starting tomorrow, December 1, I’m going to try to write something about the holiday season every day through January 1. Natalie Goldberg says writing about food is sure-fire way to get yourself writing. That’s true for me, but memories are a guaranteed source of word flow for me too, so I’m giving myself permission to recount lots of memories as well as describe the current season, or anything else that’s going on.

No, I won’t accomplish 50,000 words the way Diamondqueen did with NaNoWriMo. But I will get myself writing regularly again. It’s funny, I don’t think of myself suffering from writer’s block. When I have something I have to write because of an assignment or deadline, I get energized and find it easy to get the words down. It’s when I don’t have to write that I get so distracted and lazy.

So I’m choosing to have to write. Sometimes a nudge isn’t enough; we have to give ourselves a Black-Friday-at-WalMart full-strength shove.


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