Vacation Day 1: On the Road Again

Diamondqueen's shot of Horseshoe Falls.

This morning I set off with Diamondqueen and the Hooligans on our annual vacation trip. This year we decided on Niagara Falls. It was just something different to see, with lots of side attractions for the kids. We are planning an adult side trip to Buffalo sometime this week to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house and the Roycrofters campus. That should thrill the Hooligans no end.

It was a long drive but went pretty well. We did discover there’s not much between Cleveland and Erie, Pennsylvania, so we didn’t find an acceptable restaurant (by Hooligan standards) until Erie. One of our standard Applebee’s meals. S.Hooligan kept saying, “It looks just like the one at home. You can hardly tell the difference.” As if that were a virtue.

Both Hooligans have been dishing out their usual load of abuse; fortunately, I’ve developed a thick skin. S. did say at one point, “I wish we lived in medieval times so I could accuse you of being a witch and get you out of my hair.” J.Hooligan has been spicing up the discourse with some new profanity he’s picked up through the Minecraft episodes he watches on YouTube. Today he called some imbecile we saw turn right in front of oncoming traffic an “idiotic shitlord.” I kind of like that.

We tried to rest when we first hit the hotel, but everyone slams every door, possibly because it’s hard to get the doors shut properly otherwise. Diamondqueen and I were able to snatch a few winks. Afterward we all got dressed and went down to the lobby for tourist literature. Since we’re just down from the entrance to Goat Island, we decided to take an exploratory walk. We wound up walking around seeing all the falls and admiring the sites.

J.Hooligan entertained himself by snapping numerous shots of gulls and the big, black squirrels we saw. He seemed to appreciate the falls and the rushing rapids, but his photographic skills were focused on the wildlife. S.Hooligan mostly whined, until her mother said maybe she’d get a souvenir she spotted in the window of a closed shop: a stuffed bear wearing a barrel. S. herself admits the challenge may be beyond her.

It was all very pleasant, but gray and quite cool. I’m relieved not to have to battle the heat, but I wouldn’t mind a few more degrees and a bit of sun. Tomorrow we’re planning to take the Maid of the Mist ride.

NOTE: Too tired to take photos today, and I may have the usual problems with uploading to the blog. I’ll catch up on them later. Update: I’m stealing Diamondqueen’s smart phone shots until I get my own photos uploaded at home.

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