Enjoy Yourself

I can finally end my obsession over the “House” series finale. I was surprisingly satisfied, even uplifted by the final episode, despite some real lapses in basic storytelling (lack of information and logic, mostly). That I was willing to suspend disbelief to appreciate the finale shows the writers and producers did something right. (Not that everyone agrees about that, according to comments in many House-related forums. However, I found this review of the finale superb, if you’re interested to know what happens.)

I was surprised to come away from such a dark series with a kind of affirmation, introduced by the final image of House and Wilson set to Luis Prima’s “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think).” Not only was it a great song to end the series, it’s a great philosphy to take to heart as well.

As I wrote about in this post, I learned my mother’s friend had entered hospice weekend before last. On Sunday Mom got a call from her friend’s husband: She passed away Saturday evening. Mom wrote a touching tribute to her friend here, and I dreaded the House finale because the subject of terminal cancer hit just too close to home.

The truth is, Mom’s friend enjoyed herself, as much as possible, right up to the end. She chose to abandon treatment, so she died on her own terms. These last months weren’t all light and sweetness or misery-free, but Mom’s friend was at peace with what was happening to her. Knowing that, combined with a “House” ending that actually made me smile, I’m in a much better place today than I was last week.

Enjoy yourself–it’s later than you think.

NUDGE: In what ways are you not living your life to its fullest? What changes would you make if you found out your time was limited? I’m not talking about a bucket list, although it’s fine to write about that if you wish. I’m talking about normal, everyday life. What’s causing you to let too much of it slip by? Can you do anything to change that? Try making a list of five tiny steps you could take to enjoy life more. In addition to actually implementing the list, use it as the inspiration for a blog post, journal entry, poem, or other writing.


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