Last Day of April

Take down the colored baskets
and sparkling grass, herd the bunnies
and chicks into safe shelter.
The painted eggs are past hatching,
hope is renewed enough
to sustain us another year.
Nature has matured beyond pastels
of daffodils and crocuses. Greens
are bolder now, the gardens
are set to erupt in deeper hues.
Put away all the buntings and trims
of April, but not poetry—
keep poetry in view, on table
and desktop, in pockets and notebooks,
everlasting, a year-round delight
suited to every season, every death
and resurrection, every rejoicing.


Note: This is my 30th poem for April 2012—30 poems in 30 days, although sometimes the postings got bunched up or suffered gaps, depending on how I finished the poems. I did write every day, though; and to some, writing 30 poems in 30 days may not represent that much. For me, it’s more poetry than I’ve written in the last three years combined. I never anticipated they’d all be worthwhile, and they’re not. Some will languish here, others I’ll revise. Some may actually stay as they are, to be pulled into future chapbooks. Issues of quality vs. quantity aside, I’m very pleased and even more relieved. It’s a big step toward writing poetry again regularly, something that’s been sadly missing from my life.

To see all the poems in reverse chronological order, visit the April 2012 archive here.

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