Retinal Exploration


The optometrist puts on a headlamp
that makes her look like a spelunker or miner,
but it is my eye she’s climbing into,
peering deeply as if assessing a long tunnel
and running her search beam along its ceiling,
walls, and floor. I stare
where she tells me and marvel
at what she can explore within my retina,
which at this point seems bigger
than the world my mind encompasses,
an expansive universe exhaustively filled.
My right eye alone is packed with mysteries.
The potential for discoveries must be huge,
for she presses closer, blinding me
with her beam’s white glare
as I empathize with the cave
that must endure the encroachment of adventurers.
“Look up, left, down, right,” she instructs,
but I see nothing
of the portents that enthrall her.

NUDGE: Describe being looked into by a medical professional. I don’t mean someone examining you from the outside; discuss the experience of being explored internally and the mysteries you contain that you know nothing about.

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