But It Still Serves

I need a cross-body bag
that resembles my body: comfortable,
expandable, wide at the bottom,
and more functional than fashionable.
I need a body
that resembles a good cross-body bag:
dependable, low-cost, soundly constructed,
with a lean profile
and an all-weather surface.
What I have is clunky, scuffed, and scarred,
tiring to haul around and worn
to the point of exhaustion.
You’re thinking, Is she describing
her bag or her body?
I’m thinking it doesn’t make much difference.
Diamondqueen lives up to the stature
of her designer Dooney & Bourke handbags;
me, I can’t deal with that much style and quality.

Nudge: Write about your body as if it were a piece of clothing or an accessory—and/or write about a piece of clothing or accessory as if you were describing your body.

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