The Walt Whitman Souvenir Spoon




There are several spoons for Longfellow; how about Whitman?
I want a souvenir spoon of Walt Whitman
for stirring my coffee while I’m posturing
in some cafe, sipping and writing down my poetic thoughts.
I want a spoon of real silver, ornate
in the style of the 19th century models,
richly wrought and heavily engraved.
A figure of Whitman could top the handle,
based on that 1854 engraving
where he stands in his shirtsleeves,
hat cocked, one hand in pocket, the other on hip,
although even he would probably prefer
something from one of the Brady portraits,
the head in bas relief; and below,
a hardbound copy of Leaves of Grass,
maybe a Union flag or some visual reference to Lincoln—
lilacs entwined around the handle.
In the bowl, a poem title (“I Hear America Singing”
or “Song of Myself”). I’d use that spoon
to stir my coffee and to take
grains of salt in large doses
when I congratulate myself on my scribblings,
when I tell myself I can write poetry.


Nudge: Create an imaginary commemorative souvenir of your favorite writer. Identify the writer and describe the item, explaining what it represents and how it relates to the writer and his/her work. It can be serious or parody (a Sylvia Plath commemorative bell jar, for example).

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2 Responses to The Walt Whitman Souvenir Spoon

  1. Winnie says:

    This is great! I can picture your fictional spoon in my head. Very cool idea. I would love a wooden spoon for Julia Child…..

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