Memory, Desire, and Stirring the Roots

 And here it is, April. Cruelest month, says Eliot,
and he’s probably right. What is colder
than a rain-soaked April day, life hopes dimmed
by the sky’s gray shroud? And yet
I’m ready for memory and desire, eager
to stir my dull roots by whatever means.
Let that means be poetry
in this designated month,*
let communication flow in free lines
or cinch it in with one of Lowell’s patterns,
giving each line rhythm and form, boned and stayed.
Nudge poetry from its quiet corner for April’s revels,
then insist it stay the year and longer, dull roots enlivened,
memory and desire stirred into a spring tonic.
Let the adventure begin!


Prompt source: Write a communications poem (from Poetic Asides, 2012 April PAD Challenge).

*I’ve decided I’m writing every blog post in April as a rough draft poem. Most will probably be in free verse, but I may attempt a form when a NaBloPoMo or Poetic Asides prompt encourages it. (Or I may comment on the form in free verse. Who knows?) I’ve never attempted something like this, so we’ll just have to see. When the blog post is the result of a prompt, I’ll list the source at the end of the poem. I may also come up with a few original nudges of my own along the way. Also, if I refer to a specific poem, I’ll link to it within my own poem post. (What do you call blogging in poetry? Plogging? Poeposting? No, that sounds like a post about Edgar Allan Poe.)

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!


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