Sprucing Up for National Poetry Month

The 2012 National Poetry Month poster; click on the poster for more info.

For poets and those interested in poetry in the U.S., National Poetry Month every April is like a month-long national holiday. Even if some of us don’t pay more attention to poetry (because we’re already immersed in it), poetry gets more attention throughout American society, which is never a bad thing. There are also lots of special things going on, especially through The Academy of American Poets, who started the whole thing. (Read more about National Poetry Month here.)

I was never pleased with the old look of the blog but hadn’t planned to do anything about it soon. However, last week I wanted to add some social networking buttons, and I made the classic mistake of the inexperienced: I went into the editor and tried to mess with the code. This was a disaster and left the old layout all cockeyed and weird (nothing lined up the way it was supposed to). I thought maybe I could reinstall the theme; that’s when I discovered WordPress no longer offered Coralis as an option. Therefore, I started auditioning different themes to see what I might like.

After playing around for a couple of days, I decided to go with TwentyXS by Kevin Weber, at least for awhile. For one thing, it gives me the option of provided my own header art. I’d always wanted a more “literary” look for the blog, even though I’m not sure exactly what that is, so I thought maybe I could do a digital collage using pages of text, script, and other things. I saw that I had several possible elements on a disk of clip art I’d bought years ago, and I was able to combine those into what you see above.

Other than that, the main change is the sidebars are now split between the two sides of the body; before they were both on the right. A search field and an archive pull-down menu are on the left;  categories and links are on the right. Instead of the latest blog post coming up in its entirety, the format offers excerpts of posts in descending chronological order. Each post also provides a random post after the comments field—even I don’t know what will turn up for each blog post.

I hadn’t planned on doing a blog post every day for National Poetry Month the way I did last year, but I just learned BlogHer and NaBloPoMo are focusing on “poem” as the April theme, so how can I resist? Each day I’ll be posting something poetry-related, whether a prompt, video, link, or commentary.

So, what do you think of the new blog format? Let me know in comments; and give me a heads-up as well if there’s anything you’d like me to address during National Poetry Month.

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