Visual Fridays

In the spirit of the “wordless Fridays” I referred to in this post, I’m going to offer visual nudges on Fridays. These will be either photos or videos. The prompts won’t be completely wordless; I’ll include a few questions to get you started.

Here’s today’s Visual Fridays nudge:

Pick one person in this photo and write about him or her. You could describe the occasion from that person’s viewpoint; imagine what might really be on his or her mind; be that person looking back on this image from old age. Or treat the person as a mystery and simply spin out your questions and wonderings. (Such notes could be valuable later if you’re creating a character in a piece of fiction.)

Remember, this is just to get you started. If you veer off and wind up exploring life as it was at this point in history or recalling what happened the last time your family gathered for a group photo, that’s fine. No rules here, just a nudge!

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