NaBloPoMo Day 23: Thanksgiving Then, Thanksgiving Now

My sister put up a post on her blog about our tradition of trimming her family’s tree on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. Read her post for all the outrageous details. Geez, some kids are just begging for a krampus visit.

Read my post on the same subject from 2007 and you’ll see very little has changed. The chaos is one reason Mom has agreed to postpone putting up the tree this weekend. She’s still recovering from her bronchitis/near-pneumonia bout and doesn’t need the extra effort and stress. She’s flung herself into preparations for the feast tomorrow, but she says she’s not enjoying it. Not that she wants anyone to help her; in fact, her prayer is that she has at least one more year after this to do the entire Thanksgiving meal herself.

I dread the day she can’t cook as well. I’ve never known a Thanksgiving without my mother’s cooking. We had a scare a couple of years ago that I recount in this post from 2008. Considering what life has brought in the three years since then, I’m extremely grateful for those additional Thanksgivings of gathering to share precious food. I do feel bad Mom’s not quite up to her previous levels of celebrating, and I hope she has that “one more” holiday of dedicated baking next year—and then some.

NUDGE: What has changed about your Thanksgiving celebrations over the years? Naturally, loved ones have passed on, settings may have changed, kids have grown up, but what else? What do you miss about Thanksgiving celebrations from earlier days? What if you could combine the best of the past with what you like most about Thanksgiving now? What would the meal and the day be like?


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