NaBloPoMo Day 15: What’s With All the Krampus Hits?

I’ve been trying to figure out why I get several hits per week thanks to the search engine term “krampus.” Yes, I have two separate posts on this site about krampus, here and here, so that explains how the searchers end up here. What I don’t understand is the interest in krampus, especially since I get at least a couple hits each week even in the summer months.

When I was exposed to the whole krampus run tradition in Austria in 1990, the Yuletide devil didn’t appear to be widely known in the U.S. Today, a Google search of “krampus” includes on the first page of results a Wikipedia listing for krampus, a site dedicated to krampus that doesn’t appear to have been updated and built up since its impressive debut, a site for a rock band named Krampus described as “Italian folk death metallers”—and my “first nudge” post from last December about krampus. I also see there was a televised American krampus attack on Stephen Colbert on “The Colbert Report” in 2009. It isn’t on the first page of Google results, but there’s a great blog post on krampus on Etsy, of all places, with many terrific images. (And, yes, if you search for “krampus” on the Etsy site, you’ll find three pages of intriguing items involving the Christmas demon.)

I was curious what I’d find if I put #krampus in the search on Twitter.  I found 16 tweets, some in German, most hard to follow out of context. Some appear to relate to krampus literally, some not. There is also a long “people to follow” list. Some of the more interesting are @AndySixKrampus, @MisterKrampus, and @kranky_krampus humorously tweeting as krampus; @KrampusNacht promoting the first-ever Krampusnacht Ball in Portland, Oregon;  and @comedykrampus, self-described “writer and comedian with a penchant for terrifying small children.” There are many more for you to explore if you’re interested.

And, of course, YouTube has a raft of krampus videos, including real krampus runs from Europe. Just use the search.

So, I guess interest in krampus is on the rise. Really, it’s a trend waiting to burst on the scene early each December. Considering all the flash mobs, zombie walks, and Santa mobs, why not a krampus parade or run in every city? Complete with rusty chains, cowbells, and switches.

NUDGE: Revisit my very first nudge on this site, “Krampus R Us!” for a krampus-related writing prompt. Also see The Devil and Good St. Nick.



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