NUDGE: Literary Tattoos

Thanks to my friend, Terri, I followed a link to a blog post on “Slow Love Life” about literary tattoos. One image on the site shows a woman’s side with the entire text to William Carlos Williams’ “This Is Just to Say” (the cold plums poem) inked into her flesh.

This got me to wondering, so I Googled “literary tattoos” and discovered “Contrariwise Literary Tattoos,” a site devoted to this unusual “literary art.”

Take a look. You’ll see quotes from a variety of poems, famous children’s book characters in needle and ink, a braille tattoo, song titles and lyrics, and more.

I’ve intended for decades now to get a small tattoo of some kind, but I never have. This has gotten me to thinking. If I went through with it someday, would I go literary? What prized words would I have worked into the surface of my skin?

PROMPT: You’ve decided to get a literary tattoo of your own. Would you have the actual words inked in or would you go with a visual representation, such as a story illustration or a poet’s portrait? Where would this tattoo be located on your body?

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  1. I already have one planned. Uncertain, gentle and without impatience. She was already root. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

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