Some Changes Around Here

I’ve been busy making some changes at Nudged to Write. One involves new content migrated from my personal blog; the other involves a change in the way I’m posting “elbow” nudges.

I’m so focused now on Nudged to Write and my new craft/needlework blog, Come to the NudgeryFaire, that I totally ignored my personal blog, Salmagundi Express. Since writing, editing, and blogging are such an integral part of my personal life, I wrote about these a lot on Salmagundi Express. Therefore, I’ve decided to import those posts here, adding a wealth of new content to the site.

In addition, I’m broadening the focus of this site. I originally saw Nudged to Write as a place for writers of all kinds to visit for writing prompts, or nudges. I’m definitely continuing along those lines; but I also want to share writing about things that matter to me—things that nudge me to get the words down. Under “Categories” in the sidebar at right, you’ll see a category called “Things I Like to Write About.” Topics range from holidays, stories about family past and present, vacation logs, and more. In addition, I’m categorizing my personal blog posts about writing, blogging, poetry, etc., under appropriate existing categories on Nudged to Write plus a new category, “My (Mis)Adventures as a Writer.”

As for the elbow prompts: I’m finding those don’t work well as individual posts. I’ve decided to monthly posts of “elbows,” continually adding to that month’s post with new prompts and posting update alerts. See more about that here at “What Is An Elbow?”


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