Getting Back Into It

Nope, I haven’t been blogging, not since Christmas 2009. The first six months of 2010 brought massive changes. I left my full-time job at F+W Media; I gave up my apartment and moved in with Mom. I’m trying to build a freelance business, albeit slowly. I opened a showcase (i.e., my private set of shelves for selling antiques and collectibles) at Ohio Valley Antique Mall to sell off some of my massive accumulation of “stuff.” About all I haven’t touched on yet as I explore my new life is opening an ETSY shop or trying otherwise to make and sell crafts. That may come. I haven’t been idle. Not making much money, but I definitely have been staying busy.

Since I’m going on vacation tomorrow with Diamondqueen and the Hooligans, I thought I’d get the old blog up and running again. Diamondqueen is bringing along her little computer thingy (a pink notebook contraption she calls Pinky Tuscadero) and we’re supposed to have WiFi for at least part of the trip, so for the first time I’m going to attempt to post daily updates on our adventures. I’m also going to Twitter, so updates should appear along the right side of this page.

We’ll see how it goes…

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