November 29 – Next Up in the Photo Above

The transfer-printed dish in the background is a saucer I bought at an antique mall that used to be open in a big industrial building in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I bought the saucer because I thought it looked old, and it was priced at only a couple of dollars. On the bottom it’s marked “Royal Doulton – Grantham.” I’d never really checked the mark before; I just did a search on the Grantham pattern and see that it’s all over the Internet. I tried to find a date for the pattern and didn’t, but I did see that Doulton was permitted to add “Royal” to their name in 1901, so I assume this little dish dates back no farther than that.

I was very disappointed when I broke this saucer, I don’t remember how. I glued it back together, and since I never used it for anything but a colorful shelf backdrop, the broken saucer is sufficient. I still like this pattern, including the colors, although I don’t think I’d want an entire service of it.

Because of the BBC comedy “Keeping Up Appearances,” the name “Royal Doulton” always gives me a chuckle due to the way Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “bouquet”) says the name: Royal Dooooouton. I thought maybe I’d been mispronouncing the name all these years, but discovered that was just one of Hyacinth’s affectations. Apparently the “hand-painted periwinkles” on her china are extremely important to her. My little saucer has strictly a transfer design.

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