November 28 – Tree Fatigue

Tonight I helped put up a Christmas tree for the second time this week. This one was Mom’s tree, with the Hooligans “assisting” in their way. For some reason I find tree-trimming very tiring; doing it twice in a short period of time pushes me to the saturation point.

I think I’m going to wait until next weekend to put up my own tree, although I usually regret waiting when Christmas rushes up and I feel I haven’t enjoyed my tree nearly enough. However, I’m still doing some straightening around the apartment, which I’d like to get finished up before holiday trimming. Also I usually store my regular knickknacks and collections in the cartons from which I’ve taken the Christmas things, and I think I’d rather get the shelf decorations put up and the regular decor pieces put away before I get into the tree.

I suspected I wouldn’t get as much cleaning and organizing done as I’d imagined this past week, but I did pretty well. Latest treasure recovered: my digital thermometer, which I found along the baseboard by the vanity (where the donations for Goodwill had been languishing for months).

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