November 26 – A Fine Thanksgiving 2009

We had quite a nice Thanksgiving. Mom worked herself to the nub preparing everything – another year, another marathon, another successful meal! At 77, she’s absolutely amazing.

And it was all wonderful, as usual. The entire Hooligan clan and my brother joined the feast. The only ripple was S.Hooligan acting out in her signature way. First she insisted one of her stuffed animals was going to sit with me on my chair at the dinner table. When I said NO, she started moving her stuff to her daddy’s place. Naturally he kicked her out of his chair, and I added insult to injury by getting my brother to tell S. to behave. She left the room (concealing her tears as she usually does) and went into the bathroom. I gave her some time to settle down and then peeked in on her. It appeared she was sucking her thumb and staring at herself in the mirror. She shoved me out and shut the door.

A few minutes later her father went to the bathroom to talk to her. She didn’t accompany him back, but slunk into the kitchen once he was seated and crawled under the table for a bit. Meanwhile, J.Hooligan had been stuffing himself with turkey and cranberry sauce. He left the table in a bloated state, and S. rose up to take over his seat (which was completely on the other side of the table from me). After a buttered roll or two, she perked up and was soon back to her old self.

S.Hooligan’s new development this year is that she had pumpkin pie in her kindergarten class and loved it. She was excited that Grandma would have pumpkin pie as well; and when Diamondqueen received delivery of two Busken pies she’d ordered through a charity fundraiser, S. consumed two pieces of the pumpkin herself.

Mom suspected if S. liked commercial pie she probably wouldn’t like Grandma’s homemade version. S. kept eyeing those pies, and once everyone had finished dinner, Grandma presented her with a slice. Mom, Diamondqueen, my brother and I were chatting as S. dipped into her pie, but I was watching her out of the corner of my eye. S. actually tried a second bite, then I watched her whisper in her mother’s ear, and I could just about hear what she said: “Grandma’s pie doesn’t taste good!” Diamondqueen shushed her, and S. went on her way to spread chaos to J. and That Poor Man in the living room.

Later I heard S.Hooligan’s whispered critique in its entirety: “Grandma’s pie doesn’t taste good! I’m going home to eat my OWN pie.” I related this to Grandma, and she just laughed. After all, she’d called S.Hooligan’s reaction from the start.

Fortunately, I LOVE Mom’s pumpkin pie, and there’s plenty left. In fact, all this talking of pie has made me hungry…

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