November 23 – The Treasure Hunt Begins

I much prefer thinking I’m spending my time off this week “treasure hunting” rather than just trying to clean and organize my apartment. I spent a LONG time going through an IKEA bag full of stuff to either sort or shred, and I sorted through some other things as well.

The biggest treasure I uncovered so far is my long-lost DVD of Les Miserable highlights, which I’d just gotten for my birthday in April and had seen all the way through only once. I also found the hook that had broken off a kind of stand Mom had bought me, a star-topped rod with a base – the little hook was for hanging a wreath or small piece of needlework. I’m going to see if I can solder the hook back on, although my attempts at soldering haven’t been very successful so far.

A treasure that wasn’t so much lost as unrecognized is a couple of sets of thread color sample cards of Kreinik fibers, from metallic threads to braids to silk floss. My managing editor at work had picked them up at an industry show and later asked me if I wanted them. I discovered that there were about 6″ of each color wound around the sample card. Not enough to really make something big, but plenty to add touches of metal or color to a project or to stitch on silk gauze. I spent most of the evening unwinding the threads and sorting them by general color group. Maybe some of them will make their way into a Christmas ornament or the like.

It wasn’t all cleaning today. I did a little shopping, bought some things at Hobby Lobby with the gift card I got for Aunt Nancy Day (including a rod to make a quilt hanger for my whole cloth lap quilt I hand-quilted over the first six months of this year), and dropped off a small load of stuff at Goodwill. For me, overall, a productive day.

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