November 9 – The Orange Salt Shaker

As I explained here, I’m doing a series of posts about the stuff that’s in the photo across the top of my blog. Continuing the left-to-right progression, I now back up a bit to zero in on the orange salt shaker.

About twelve years ago I became infatuated with hand-painted china from Japan, especially the strange little scenes with houses or windmills or a placid lake with an overhanging tree. From Noritake to Nippon to items simply stamped “Made in Japan,” I loved them all. In order to rein myself in from starting yet another all-consuming collection, I limited myself to cake plates and salt and pepper shakers, even if there was only one shaker available. These were inexpensive and readily available, and I amassed a nice collection in a very short time.

The orange shaker in the photo above is actually a little different from most of my pieces. The style of the medallion is crisper, and I think this might be a decal rather than hand painted. However, there’s a vintage style to this one that I love – reminds me of the designs that inspired Mary Engelbreit, especially in her earlier works. I don’t remember where I bought the set; probably at a local antique mall or the Burlington antique show. I do have a pair of these shakers, but I was trying to create a “hodge-podge” in the photo, so I just tossed a bunch of unrelated stuff together on a shelf.

The orange shakers reside on a pair of shelves in my tiny hallway near the front door. The rest of the various shakers are on a narrow shelf in my computer room. They make a bright display against the apartment-white walls.

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