November 5 – The Mad Potter

Tonight we finished up the Aunt Nancy Day festivities with a visit to Mad Potter in Mason, Ohio. It wasn’t easy to choose from all the blanks available, just waiting to be painted and transformed. For my gift, I finally settled on a shamrock-shaped dish; I painted my sort of stock Irish scene of a folk art sheep with thatched cottages, stone walls, and a distant castle.

Diamondqueen chose a gift box-shaped box to decorate. It wasn’t until she’d applied numerous coats of blue paint that I realized she was making herself a Tiffany’s gift box, just like the little blue boxes that send her into paroxysms of jealousy when she spots someone carrying one, or one of the blue shopping bags, on the downtown streets near the store.

J.Hooligan chose a great-looking skull-shaped bank; the skull had an eye patch like a pirate. S.Hooligan picked out a princess figurine that opened to reveal a box at the base of the skirt. She used up gallons of pinkish paint on the figure’s skirts; her princess has blond hair and a wide grinning black mouth.

Sometimes the Hooligans almost lived up to their name, picking at each other and starting to grab-ass, which is perilous in a place where the  walls are lined with shelves chock full of pottery and bisque. Diamondqueen was the last to finish, even though she had only to paint the box and the ribbon and bow. I didn’t mind since it gave me time to browse all the possibilities for my next visit.

The big reveal will be next week, when Diamondqueen picks up our creations from the shop. I can’t wait!

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