Ready to Blog Again

The past twelve months were insane. Sometimes difficult times generate writing; in my case, I just stopped up, unable to blog at all. I at least was making some headway with poetry in April – I participated in the poem-a-day (PAD) challenge at Poetic Asides. However, on Day 23 my father had a stroke. I did finish my 30 poems for the month, but between coping with Dad’s condition and the incredible demands at work, I had no creative energy to attempt anything else. I wasn’t even able to write about Dad’s passing in late June.

So now, at least, I’m going to try to ease back into blogging. There are all kinds of writing blocks. Sometimes when writers say they’re blocked, they mean there’s a vacuum they aren’t able to fill with words. That hasn’t been my problem; I’m rarely unable to generate words.

For me it’s more like a storm dumped a whole bunch of trees in a creek, creating a dam so that nothing flowed. Everything’s back there, waiting to break through. It might be that I’m sensing the dam is starting to shift. Tiny streams of water are sluicing through in a dozen different places. The final break-through is on its way.

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