Resolution #2: Get Healthy

Yes, that includes losing weight. I’m a realist; I know with the way my diets go that losing 10 pounds over the coming 12 months will be an accomplishment. So I can’t project a “brand new me” a year from now, at least not from the standpoint of buxom build and big hips.

A “new me” in the sense of being a healthier me is more than an attainable goal; it’s also an absolutely necessary one. Besides my weight problem, I also have Type 2 diabetes. Over the past several months especially, I’ve eaten horribly for any responsible adult, let alone one with high blood sugar. So my resolutions regarding health do involve diet and food, and if my vanity gets stoked by shedding a couple of inches of blubber, so much the better.

The point, though, is to get myself under control physically. Make the calories I consume mean something, and keep the numbers in line.

I do exercise almost daily (I have a total gym, although my workouts are rather brief — more than 15-20 minutes and I’m crippled the next day, for some reason), but I want to expand the ways I exercise. I need more movement, more stretching. I need to walk more.

It all goes back to discipline — a recurring theme in my resolutions for 2009.

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