On NOT Looking Back at 2008!

Being retrospective by nature, I’ve indulged myself in reviewing the year just passed since I was a child. I actually enjoyed it, reliving the best moments especially, but also looking at challenges, failures, triumphs, and taking stock of what the coming year might hold.

2008 has been a BAD year. I’m in way better shape than so many people, especially in the financial area (I still have a job, after all) that to talk about my problems seems like whining in the extreme. And some of the worst things that happened hit loved ones harder than me personally (health problems in particular), but when the people I care about have troubles, they’re my troubles as well.

So I am NOT reviewing 2008. I’m all about moving on right now, and trying to rebuild. I’ve let a lot slide this past year, and I intend to do something about it. I can’t fix the economy or cure diseases. I can only put my little pinhole part of the world in decent order. So I’ll be posting some resolutions over coming days — not because I think anyone really cares, but because I want to put those resolutions out in public, as if maybe that will make me feel a little more accountable. I don’t know how much worse off I or my family or the world will be a year from now, but at least if I’ve met a few simple, self-centered goals I might have SOMETHING to feel good about as another year of our all-too-short lives winds down.

Okay, that came out wrong. I have plenty to feel good about as 2008 closes, especially where the people I love are concerned — and I have a roof over my head, an income and savings (for now, at least), food in my belly (too much, in fact). But I’m quite unhappy with myself. THAT is what I want to feel better about next year. It’s the one aspect of life I do have some control over. At a time when everything globally seems out of control, that matters.

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