Watching the Olympics

UPDATE: Free cross-stitch patterns are no longer available on
You have a few more days to catch this week’s free cross-stitch project at MyCraftivity. This one is a wonderful elephant pattern, very realistic and very attractive. Get it before it’s gone! (And check back Monday evening for the new free cross-stitch project of the week.

I have NOT been blogging much lately. I’ve gone through spurts like this since last September when I started this blog. I’ve been busy at work, and the Olympics haven’t helped! It’s been thrilling to watch the swimming races, especially Michael Phelps’s incredible, historic gold medal run (eighth gold medal tonight — yay!) and the gymnastic competitions. I’ve gotten a lot done with various needlework projects because I can’t watch the Olympics without something in my hands to work on. That doesn’t extend to writing and being on the computer, though. I’ll get back into the swing one of these days. In the meantime, I like the evenings I’m spending vicariously in Beijing.

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