UPDATE: Free cross-stitch patterns are no longer available on

The free cross stitch patterns this week at MyCraftivity feature some cute cow characters. The charts are to make refrigerator magnets, but there are lots of things you could do with them. Go see for yourself.
While you’re there, visit the Cross Stitch and Needle Arts blog. I just put up a post yesterday based on an article I found called “Winning Tips for Fair Exhibitors” in an old issue of The Workbasket (July 1953 — the year before I was born)  I provide a few quotes from the article as well as my own perspectives on entering needlework in fairs. I miss my old competition days.

I’ve been scanning years and years of The Workbasket this week, going back to 1948 and forward to the 90s. It turns out my company owns the rights to this beloved old magazine and its contents, and we’ve got some interesting projects ahead drawing on the treasure trove of embroidery transfers, crocheting and knitting patterns, and even recipes. Should be fun! (I have to say that glancing through those volumes of The Workbasket in succession is like watching my life pass before my eyes. My mother did some of the craft projects back in the 60s, and I delved into old Workbaskets myself over the years for great doily patterns — won quite a few ribbons with them, too. More than that, it’s fascinating to see the styles, hairdos, ads, and changes in culture and craft/needlework trends as the decades pass.)

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7 Responses to Tips from THE WORKBASKET

  1. Valerie Studer says:

    Looking for Workbasket pattern maybe 1940’s, called Patriotic Apron.
    Company was then called Modern Handcraft. #C9579M
    Have original envelope but not right pattern in it

  2. Hope Cannon says:

    My mother and i got workbasket magazine years ago.
    I foun an old one in a cabinet and thought howmuch I would like to have them again.

    I enjoyed them very much .

    Is there a magazine that took its place. I would like to know about it.


  3. Debra says:

    I’m interested in the history of The WorkBasket

  4. Joan Taylor says:

    My mother, too, made many projects from her stash of Workbaskets. I’m wondering whether you have any recollection (or happened across as you looked through the old copies) an apron pattern that was Santa’s face. It wasn’t very large, was tied at the waist, had pockets and was too cute. I would dearly love to find that pattern. Thanks much.

  5. Irma J. Hard says:

    I would like to subscribe to The Workbasket if it is still in publication (maybe under another name) I have a couple of the old magazines and am wondering if it is in publication and if I can subscribe to the magazine again.

    Thanking you for an early reply.

    Irma J. Hard

  6. stitcher5407 says:

    Hi, Patty. Actually, we’re just starting work on the first WORKBASKET project. It’s going to be a book of redwork patterns based on vintage embroidery transfers from WORKBASKET, with a CD of the patterns in seven formats for machine embroidery plus black and white versions of the patterns for hand embroiderers to use. It’s a Fall 2009 book, so it’s going to be awhile.

    I’m sure the plan eventually is to have all kinds of WORKBASKET projects available for sale online. I only know about my own projects, so keep an eye on MyCraftivity to see what they’re posting in the book shop.

    I’ve done some of those great old crocheting patterns–some of my best fair entries were doilies I made out of old WORKBASKETS. I understand there are a few Yahoo! groups dedicated to WORKBASKET. You should check into that, you’ll probably find some fellow enthusiasts!


  7. Patty says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you had any more details on the Workbasket projects. Will the patterns be for sale or posted online? It will be great to be able to use the old patterns.

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